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Sanko North America is the exclusive Sanko Machinery agent serving the USA, Canada and Mexico. Sanko North America provides information, sales, system integration, support, PM, service, and repairs for the entire line of Sanko Machinery packaging machines. Sanko North America also maintains a fully stocked US-based spares depo, providing quick access to most Sanko spares or upgrades. US-based machinery technicians.

Equipment Services and Support

Deep Roots

T.H.E.M., as an innovator in package design and commercialization implementation for leading food and CPG brands, continually seeks new formats for invigorating and extending US brands. During a visit to Japan, T.H.E.M. became aware of the Sanko Stick Pack technology and helped link this to opportunities in the US marketplace. The Sanko / T.H.E.M. relationship was formalized in 1996, creating what has become Sanko North America.

The Single–Serve Revolution

The response from food and CPG companies was initially limited to several brands. After all, some opined, US and Japanese consumers are different. Undaunted, T.H.E.M. and Sanko continued to advance the format. Early successes in baby formula, drink mixes, coffees and related products soon proved the viability and demand for this innovative form factor.

Continuous Innovation

Sanko has continued to lead the Stick Pack revolution by never standing still. With complete families of single-lane and multi-lane machines in both dry and liquid configurations, Sanko has solutions for a wide range of single-serve products and brand extensions. Beyond equipment, Sanko also brought easy-open films to the US market, eliminating the need for notching while creating enhanced consumer satisfaction.

Today Sanko’s single-serve stick pack and sachet machines are used by leading brands and contract packaging firms across North America. T.H.E.M. is the nation’s largest Sanko stick pack and sachet operator at their New Jersey facilities.

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