The worlds best selling multilane stick pack machine with a fully integrated auger filling system.

In the wide field of multi-lane stick packaging machines, the FC1000α AF is the bestselling model in the world. It is robust, easy to use, easy to maintain and is built to last for years of production. The standard, easy-to-use touch panel allows for easy adjustments of all operations in the filling and sealing cycle, maximizing performance. The fully integrated auger system comes with individually controlled servo driven augers that can be easily adjusted on the touch panel. Through the years, Sanko has optimized the machine’s layout to keep maintenance quick and easy. The FC1000α AF is built a standard frame which takes a 600mm roll of film. For more output, a wide frame that takes a meter wide roll is also available.

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch

4-Side Seals Flat Pouch

Liquid / Paste

Stick Pack

Key features

  • Stick-type multi-auger filling packaging machine is the first machine in the packaging machine industry.
    By virtue of the auger filling device, packaging of fine powder and powder of low fluidity, which was impossible until thismachine is placed on the market, is possible. Patent applied
  • Beautiful and strong packaging
    Since powder is filled near the sealing part, no powder is blown up and therefore no powder remain in the sealing part.
  • Easy to change the filling volume.
    The filling volume can be changed by the touch panel during filling operation. Feedback control is possible by interlocked operation with the weight checker.
  • Sanitary operation
    The powder is not exposed to the atmosphere during flow from the auger hopper into the bag. So, the operation is sanitary. Since the packageing is carried out under airtight condition, the ratio of replacement with nitrogen is high.
  • Clean environment and operator-friendly machine
    Since no dust is generated even when fine powder is being filled, the environment si not contaminated.
  • Easy setup change for different bag size
    The setup can be changed with ease for change of the bag length by the touch panel. For change of the bag width, the machine is with ease by the special method peculiar to Sanko. Patent applied


Model FC1000α AF
Bag length 20mm to 190mm long
Film width 25 to 60mm / 620mm
Packaging speed 10 to 100 bags/min.per line × Number of line
Diameter of packaging film φ350mm
Dimensions 1,750(W)×1,955(D)×3,500(H)
Weight Approx. 3,800kg
Power supply 8kW at peak, 4kW on the average
Air consumption 0.6MPa. 650NL/min



The World’s Bestselling Multilane Stick Pack Machine


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