Multilane liquid stick pack machine

The Sanko liquid stick pack machines come standard with progressive cavity pumps which allows precision filling over a wide array of viscosities. The filling nozzles are synchronized with the seal bars to keep the fill low inside the stick, preventing any issues due to splash. This function is easily controlled on the touch panel to optimize performance. Installing the pumps above the machine greatly reduces the distance to the filling zone, reducing any possibility of seal contamination.

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch

4-Side Seals Flat Pouch

Liquid / Paste

Stick Pack
Liquid / Paste

Key features

  • Automatic stick-type filling and packaging for liquid
  • Since the filling nozzle moves up or down in synchronization with the horizontal sealing device, this machine can be used for liquids of any viscosity.
  • The moving up and down speeds, upper and lower stop positions, and timing of the filling nozzle can be controlled digitally.
  • Since the distance from the pump to the horizontal sealing device has been reduced by installing the pump on the top of the machine, contamination of the sealed surfaces with the liquid has been reduced
  • The use of a nozzle of a special shape peculiar to Sanko’s machines prevents contamination of the nozzle tip, making filling nitrogen possible.
  • By virtue of use of bag making rolls peculiar to Sanko’s machine, changing the material to be filled and subsequent adjustment are easy.
  • Owing to the bag length changing system developed by Sanko, to change the bag length is easy.


Model FC1000LP
Bag length 20 to 190mm
Film width 22 to 55 / 620mm
Packaging speed 10 to 70 bag/min. per line
Diameter of packaging film φ350mm
Dimensions W1570×D1805×H2600mm
Weight 3000kg
Power supply 3-phase, 200VAC, 50/60Hz,6kW at peak, 3kW at average
Air consumption 0.6MPa, 750NL/min



The World’s Bestselling Multilane Stick Pack Machine

FC1000α AF

The worlds best selling multilane stick pack machine with a fully integrated auger filling system.


Sanko’s most affordable multilane stick machine


One or two-lane Vertical Stick Pack Machine

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