Sanko’s most affordable multilane stick machine

The FC800 is Sanko’s entry level multilane stick pack machine. The machine is simple and compact without sacrificing any of Sanko’s robust performance and longevity. It can be set up with many popular stick sizes in a 4 to 6 lane configuration. The machine is set up with a standard volumetric dosing system but can alternatively be set up with augers.

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch

4-Side Seals Flat Pouch

Liquid / Paste

Stick Pack

Key features

  • Temperature monitor
  • Film end stop device
  • Abnormal air pressure stop device
  • Patten matching device
  • Edge trimmer air gun
  • Total counter
  • Preset counter
  • Horizontal seal air expelling roller
  • Cutter guide
  • Slider


Model FC800
Bag length 20mm to 190mm long
Film width 10 to 60mm / 420mm
Packaging speed 10 to 70 bags/min. per line × Number of lines
Diameter of packaging film φ350mm
Dimensions 1,400(W)×1,600(D)×2,500(H)
Weight Approx 1,500kg
Power supply 6kW at peak, 3kW on the average
Air consumption 0.6MPa. 650NL/min



The World’s Bestselling Multilane Stick Pack Machine

FC1000α AF

The worlds best selling multilane stick pack machine with a fully integrated auger filling system.


Multilane liquid stick pack machine


One or two-lane Vertical Stick Pack Machine


One or two-lane machine for making liquid stick packs

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