FC80LP (Liquids)

Sanko’s compact stick pack machine for smaller volumes; ideal for start-ups & pilot plants scenarios

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch

4-Side Seals Flat Pouch

Liquid / Paste

Stick Pack
Liquid / Paste
◆ 1-lane or 2-lane versions available
◆ Filling nozzles rises/falls in sync with the horizontal seal, allowing all product viscosities
◆ HMI control of filling nozzle ascending/descending speed, upper/lower stop position, timing, etc.
◆ Our unique nozzle shape is hygienic and drip-free
◆ Robust, easy to maintain, and built to last for years of production


Model FC80LP
Stick Pack length 20 to 190 mm
Film width 10 to 60 mm
Packaging speed 15 to 70 Stick Packs/min. per lane
Packing volume 1 to 20 ml
Diameter of packaging film 350mm
Dimensions W1200×D1360×H2100mm
Weight 500 Kg.
Power supply 4kW at peak, 2kW on the average
Air consumption 0.6MPa, 200NL/min

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