FR3 1 or 2 lane. This is the perfect machine combination of speed and versatility.

Although the speed is second to none, the versatility is even more compelling. Sanko designed this model FR3 to provide the ultimate in versatility. Capable of operating at speeds of up to five hundred cycles per minute. This machine can run both 3- and 4-sided pouch configurations with fills from 1 ML to 500M ml, with no additional tooling. The pumping system can handle a wide range of viscosities from water like products to thick creams and gels, again with no additional tooling.

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch

4-Side Seals Flat Pouch

Liquid / Paste

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch
4-Side Seals Flat Pouch
Liquid / Paste

Key features

  • Operation panel: touch panel type (colored)
  • Photocell type pattern matching device
  • Film joint detector
  • Film end stop device
  • Heater for second horizontal sealing roll
  • Packaging film braking unit
  • Ⅰ-notching device
  • Cutter device
  • Packaging film shaft forward-backward moving device
  • Air expelling roll
  • Safety devices (Interlocks for safety)
  • Product carry-out guide
  • Packaging film pull-out roll
  • Universal bag guide
  • Perforation device
  • Packaging material shortage warning device
  • Packaging material section cover
  • Automatic removal device(At the starting time)
  • Preset number divider
  • Preset number shutter
  • Vertical sealing pre-heater
  • Vertical 4-side sealing
  • Vertical paired sealing


Model FR3
Bag length 30 to 60mm, 30 to 80mm, 40 to 105mm, 50 to 145 mm, 60 to 200 mm, 90 to 300 mm
Film width 60 to 300 mm (300 mm is a 4-side sealing type)
Packaging speed(*1) 60 to 600 bags/min.
Packing volume(*2) 1 to 500 cc
Diameter of packaging film φ 450 mm
Dimensions 1,360(W) × 980(D) × 2,490(H)mm
Weight 1,200 kg
Power supply 3-phase, 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz (7.5 kW at peak, 4.0 kW on the average)
Air consumption 0.5 MPa, 150 NL/min.


FR3 Multi Lane

The world’s fastest liquid sachet filler. The multi-lane variation of the FR3 machine can run up to 16 lanes of production at over 200 cycles per minute.

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