Sanko’s MC 101α is at the top of the best-seller list. Excellent in operability and versatility.

By means of its built-in microcomputer, changing the length of the bags, photocell control and the fill volume can be simply set. This model comes standard with a versatile, easy to use volumetric cup filler and has various other filling options including auger and scale filling.

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch

4-Side Seals Flat Pouch

Liquid / Paste

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch
4-Side Seals Flat Pouch
Pieces / Capsules

Key features

  • Main body stainless steel cover
  • Microcomputer controlled bag length changing device
  • Photocell type pattern matching device
  • Product counter
  • 4 heater controller
  • Straight type rotary cutting device
  • Heater abnormal temperature detector
  • Film end stop device
  • Product carry-out conveyor – 600 mm


Model MC101α
Bag length 30 to 125 mm
Film width 30 to 100mm
Packaging speed 60 to 120 bags/min.
Packing volume 60 cc max.
Diameter of packaging film
Dimensions 830(W) × 730(D) × 1,725(H)mm
Weight Approx. 300 kg
Power supply 3-phase, 200 VAC



The Model MC303 is at the top of the best-seller list and excellent in operability and versatility.

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