Sanko’s fastest horizontal rotary filler. Up to 2000 pouches per minute

The SR1000 is the ultra high-speed horizontal type rotary packaging machine for packing up to 2000 pouches per minute. With this high speed filling / packaging machine any specific desired number of packages can be continuously produced and boxed. Multiple ingredients can be mixed in specific amounts in a single package. For example, to blend the various powders used in instant noodle.

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch

4-Side Seals Flat Pouch

Liquid / Paste

3-Side Seals Flat Pouch
4-Side Seals Flat Pouch
Pieces / Capsules

Key features


Model SR1000
Bag length L 60 – 150mm, fixed pitch/W package width 25 – 120mm / material width 50 – 240mm
Film width φ400mm
Packaging speed 500 – 2000 packages / min.
Packing volume 0.5 to 40 cc. ​
Diameter of packaging film @400mm
Dimensions W2,100×D1,300×H2,150
Weight 2200kg
Power supply 3 phase 200V 50/60Hz
Air consumption 0.5MPa、20NL/min



Sanko most economical rotary filler for running small format sachets at 300 to 600 per minute


Sanko’s mid-size horizontal rotary filler. Up to 1200 pouches per minute.


Sanko’s larger format sachet rotary filler. Produces and fills larger bags at 300 to 500 per minute

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